Monday, 10 October 2011

Asda Bubble Bath

As you may have noticed I tend to do my weekly shop at Asda. Whilst doing my shop I like to have a look at George Make-up and the N-Spa body range. Though I love to use the N-Spa bath range the other half usually gets a rubbish option for his bubble bath, I don't let him use mine ;).

This week I spotted a new range I hadn't noticed before, they retail at 84p for 500ml and come in around 6 varieties. They don't seem to have a name other than 'Asda' and then the fragrance. There are 6 to choose from, you can see them here:
- De-stressing and soothing bath soak with extracts of rose oil & lotus flower
- Limited edition calming & softening bath soak with extracts of cherry blossom and rice milk
- Limited edition invigorating & reviving bath soak with extracts of mandarin & basil.
- Nourishing & Relaxing Bath Soak with Extracts of Henna Flower & Argon Oil.
- Regenerating & Indulgent Bath Soak with Extracts of Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter.
- Revitalising & Refreshing Bath Soak with Extracts of Tropical Hibiscus & Lemongrass.

I decided to get the Revitalising & Refreshing Bath soak with Tropical Hibiscus & Lemongrass, as it smelt really refreshing.
The bottle is nice, I don't always care what bubble bath bottle look like as mine normally live in a draw but this is alright.
As for the price 84p is a bargain.
It bubbles well and the smell really comes across well in the bath and it certainly smells refreshing and revitalising.

Have you tried any Asda bath range?


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sheila said...

i dont know how old this post is, but asda dont have it anymore!

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