Tuesday, 10 April 2012

VIVO Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit

So today's review is of  my favourite find of the last few months, VIVO Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit.

VIVO for those of who don't know yet is a brand that's stocked in Tesco, it's basically a range of product that gives you the quality for a low end price. 

For me the stand out product of there range is the Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit as no other high street brands do anything quite like this.  I know Sleek have the Eyebrow kits, but that only contains one matte colour and a coloured wax. Where as in this set we have 3 matte colours, along with a gel wand and a slanted brush.  Perfect for getting your brows all lovely and groomed!

The colours in the set are perfect for me, giving my brows a lovely natural look.  I tend to use a combination of both the dark brown and the warm brown which works perfect with my hair colour.  I should add at this point that my brows are very very blonde as are my eyelashes.  I've not put any mascara on in the picture to show you their natural colour.  The set is also advertised as an eye kit and the colours are great for this as it is so hard to get hold of lovely matte colours on the high street.

The gel wand is great to keep in your handbag to deal with any stray hairs throughout the day.

The only negative for me is the actual brush.  It's a little too wide and I find that I struggle to keep a nice natural finish when I use it.  I end up making my natural shape a lot wider!

Despite this I think the set is brilliant and would highly recommend for any one with light to medium coloured brows.  Personally I think the shades in the set are too warm for someone with dark brows.  For £5.00 is a bargain.

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Unknown said...

This looks fab, I'm a sucker for brow kits. I'm currently using a Wet N Wild one but I think I shall be getting my hands on this! xxx

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