Thursday, 5 April 2012

Revlon Purple Petal and Rock

L-R Purple Petal and Rock
I love Revlon polishes.  I find them easy to apply and I love the colour selection.  They tend to stock a lot of just nice glossy shades that don't have any glitter (always a major plus with me - although K loves her glitter).  Now I don't think either of these too are part of the current stock as I purchased mine at the beauty stall in my local market - great for a bargain.  Although both can be purchased on Ebay or Amazon for a reasonable price - it appears as though some are selling for less inclusive of delivery than the original price of the polish.

I think both colours are stunning for the summer with Purple Petal (which is more pink than purple) being a definite favourite at the moment. 

It's well worth a peak at the beauty stands in the local markets as they do seem to stock a weird range of drugstore brands for a lot less than the main stores.  I think I paid around £1.50 each!

Definitely worth finding these on line.

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