Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lovely Lanolips

Well I have finally given in and brought a Lanolips lip balm. Now if you are a regular reader you'll know both L and myself are lip balm addicts. But I have held off buying Lanolips, mainly due to the price. But I had a Boots vouchers so finally gave in.

I just decided to get the Lanolips 101 Ointment but there are colour options available as well. I picked mine up in Boots for £11.22, for a 17.5g tube.
Here is some more information on Lanolips,
'*Multi-Award Winning* Rediscover the magic of lanolin in this heavy-duty, 100% natural ointment like no other. Lanolips 101 Ointment is the purest of pure wonder ointment, made with Lanolips' exclusive 100% Ultra Pure Grade Lanolin.

This ultimate luxuriously creamy ointment contains 100% Ultra Pure Grade Lanolin which literally melts between your fingers. This magical multi-purpose product has multiple uses such as extremely chapped lips, dry cuticles, dry, itchy skin, dry nasal passages and more. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.'

I had heard lots in the blogging world about these, so was very excited to try mine out.

Now this first appears to be very boring, its not scented and non is just a balm as you can see below. But it is a wonder balm as it says above you can use it for anything. After two days of using it my lips felt amazing! I couldn't believe it, I have also seen people mentioning using it for cuticles and dry patches etc.

Its lovely and thick but non sticky, you only need a tiny amount and it melts into your lips. But...(there is always a but) I find it very difficult to squeeze out of the tube, especially on a cold day. The product is super thick and begins to melt and become more workable once on your fingers or lips. But I do have to give it a good squeeze sometimes to be able to get any out...thank god a little bit goes a long way.

The ingredients of this are also wonderful...its 100% ultra pure grade lanolin. For those who would like some more information on Lanolin, you can see here. Lanolin come from wool- bearing sheep, and is a wax like substance.

The product is also:

  • 100% pure

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

  • 100% Fragrance free

  • 100% colour free

  • Vegetarian & baby friendly

  • Animal cruelty free

On the lips.

I would look at repurchasing, even at the price, as I love what its done for my lips!

Are you a Lanolips fan?


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