Saturday, 3 March 2012

Dr Balm

You may have previously noticed that myself and L love a lip balm, it can range from tinted to plain to scent...we don't mind which. Today's post is on another little tinted lipbalm I picked up, it Dr Balm from Miss Sporty.

I originally spotted this on Beauty's Bad Habit Blog, and I knew I had to take a look. I picked up Sweet, which is a light sheer pink. They are available in five shades Glam (bright pink), Gossip (slight orange tone), Heartbreaker (red), Honeymoon (looks dark red/pink). First of you'll probably notice that this is not in a trendy or nice packaging. They just look like retro lip balms. Miss sporty describe them as 'a healing moisturising balm with a hint of colour.' The texture is very light so I wouldn't see they were great if you are suffering with really dry lips. But as an everyday balm its good. As you can see below the swatch is very sheer. Which again I like as you can just apply on the run.

On the lips below again you can see it just gives a subtle wash of colour.

So far I am liking this and would be tempted to look at the other shades again. I also like the sort of watermelon scent, but i know not everyone will. I already own a sheer Miss Sporty lipstick which has a similar smell so i don't mind it.

You can see our previous lip balm posts here.

What do you think?


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