Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Avon Shine Attract Lipstick

Today's post is on Avon Shine Attract lipsticks in Mysterious Mauve (R) and Happy Pink (L). These are available here on Avon, and are currently on offer for £5.00 (save £3.50). Here is what Avon say,
'Coverage that's never sticky, creamy moisture and lustrous colour, deluxe silver packaging. Lasting, full-colour lipstick with an outer gel layer for sumptuous satin shine*. Non-sticky*. Layer up for greater intensity. SPF15.'

As you can see these are basically a clear lip balm/gloss with a lipstick centre. You should still expect the full colour pay off but benefit from moisturised lips without stickiness.

Now I agree with the moisture and non sticky, and the colour pay off is good, as you can see by the one swipe below. I love a tinted lip balm so these should suit me great. But I find them difficult to apply and feel that once I have applied them I really have to rub my lips together to get a nice even coverage. I think it maybe due to the colour all being in the centre. I just don't like the hassle of this. I have a Miss Sporty £1.99 tinted lip balm (good colour pay off ) that I can just swipe and go.

I haven't really seen anyone else mention it so maybe I am being picky. But I had high hopes for these but I really don't seem to reach for them at all.

Have you tried these?



Chloe,x said...

I have never tried these but always wanted to, glad I havent now.
I love avon lipsticks aswell, I have a whole collection but I'm glad I skipped this one!

Kelly said...

I have just got one of these after seeing Tanya Burr use one in a recent video - I like them

Misseblog said...

I like the colours, I get what you mean by the colour being in the center though xx

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