Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Boots No 7 Voucher & Eye Make-up Remover

Well you may have noticed that the Boots £5 No 7 voucher is back, they are running till the 25th March.

So far I have only picked up one thing, I picked up my usual favourite my No 7 Cleanse and Care eye make-up remover. This retails at £7.75 for 100ml so is a bargain with the voucher.

Though when I picked it up this time I noticed it had changed.
As you can see they look quite different. Also the name has changed to Beautiful Skin Eye Make-up Remover, to tie in with the new beauty range.

They bottle has also changed from a pump top to just a normal top. I actually prefer the new top to they old one, as it was always hard to get the last drop out.

From what I can see everything else is the same with it. It still does the job great and I will be stocking whilst the vouchers are still out.

You can see our other posts on No 7 here. As we have mentioned before the brushes and nail polish are worth a look. Also I would look at the new Beautiful skin range and the new Floral Brights collection.

Have you used any yet of the vouchers yet?



Joanna said...

When I bought this, I'd used half of it before I realised you had to shake the it first! I did wonder why it was so greasy!!

Great post - am using the no7 vouchers this time too!


suzy said...

I always stock up on these too! x

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