Thursday, 28 February 2013

Phone Cover Crazy

So I've recently gone a bit iPhone cover crazy as the picture above suggests (although I've got a few extra coming in the post) and I wanted to share this craziness with you.  Whats's even worse is that I have even more in a box under my bed!  I've had Most of my purchases are from ebay, although I've got a couple thrown in from TK Maxx and Asda.  I think my phone may be more fashionable than me at the moment.

Hello Kitty Bumper - £1.99 purchased from here.
Stud Cases £3.58 and both can be purchased here.

Lego Cover - £2.74 from here.
Fizz Wiz Candy was a Christmas present off my sister and looks like it cost around £6.99 from here.
Melting Ice Cream - £1.32 from here.

Finally the floral one is from George at Asda and cost £8 and the Gorgeous Ted Baker one costs £7.99 from TK Maxx.

Despite the massive selection I'm loving the Kitty one - it's so cute!

Anyone else as addicted to phone covers or got any suggestions for some more!


Steph Marie said...

hey, love the sherbet fizz wizz one , where did u get it?

LatBeautyAddict said...

It's great isn't it! Got it off ebay - there's quite a few sweet theme ones x

Stephanie B said...

They're all great! Mine is from Aldo and has bananas all over it!

Galorious Blog said...

melting ice cream is super cool!xx

Simone Housen said...

I dig the studs!

olu sola said...

What do you think about these custom phone cases?

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