Tuesday, 26 February 2013

LP Skin Therapy Anti-ageing Starter Kit

Today's post is on LP Skin Therapy Anti-Ageing Starter Kit from Linda Dr. Linda Papadopoulos PhD. Here is more information on the range,

'LP Skin Therapy is a scientifically advanced skincare collection designed to help skin look rested, youthful, healthy and vibrant no matter what life throws at you.

Designed to treat skin holistically, LP Skin Therapy works on tackling not just the external factors of prematurely ageing skin (sun, pollution) but also the internal factors, namely stress.

LP Skin Therapy uses unique ingredients known as nootropics which have a positive effect on the mind and a calming effect on the skin whilst actives, peptides and other hard working ingredients help in the fight against ageing. Fragrances from Dr. Linda's homeland of Cyprus such as orange blossom, pomegrante and lemon oil are included to uplift, energise and relax.

Dr. Linda encourages us to focus on the smells, textures and way your skin feels when using the range. By doing this, you will be sensitising not only your skin, but your mind too and making the most of the vitamins and nutrients packed into the products you use.
Dr. Linda's philosophy is that happier skin is healthier skin.'

Six-piece LP Skin Terapy Anti Ageing kit contains the following and will last for three weeks:

1 x System Balance Face Wash (30ml)
1 x Uplifting Facial Water (50ml)
1 x Multi-Task Day Cream (15ml)
1 x Overnight Replenish Cream (15ml)
1 x Re-Affirm Eye Serum (5ml)
1 x Untired Eye Cream (5ml)
1 x purple wash bag

My first impression was how lovely the product looks, the purple finish make it look great. The next thing I do when I get a new product to review is have a smell and again these are lovely and refreshing, it made me instantly want to give the range a go.

The Overnight Replenish Cream has a slight gel texture to it which you don't normally get in a night cream, and I love it. It feels refreshing and lovely on your skin and absorbs quickly.

The Uplifting Facial Water, now I do not use facial waters and don't really get the whole facial spitz thing. But this again is very nice and refreshing, and I have been spritzing it onto a cotton wool pad to apply.

You have System balance face wash, I haven't actually tried this (my skin is a little funny with face washes). But again the scent is refreshing but I am unsure how a face wash can be anti-ageing.

My lips are awful and get dry really quickly so the Refining Lip Exfoliator. You gently massage it on your lips for 39 seconds and then remove the residue. I love love love this! You lips feel gorgeous after.

Multi tasking day cream, this melts into your skin and again has a light but refreshing scent. Normally when I switch moisturisers my skin breaks out but so far so good.

Finally you have the re-affirming eye serum, when you apply this serum it feels like it is doing something. It makes your eye area feel refreshed.

Overall the range is relaxing and refreshing, and this set is well worth a try for around £25.

Dr. Linda will be presenting her LP Skin Therapy Anti-Ageing Starter Kit on QVC on the 28th February on Alison Young’s Beauty Fix.

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