Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Japonesque Safari Chic

Today's post is on some super gorgeous brushes from Japonesque, this is the Safari Chic range. The range includes a Bronzer Brush and Brush Set.
The Bronzer Brush retails at £19.50 on HQ Hair, which say
'The fabulous, too-cute safari chic animal print Japonesque Bronzer Brush is a short stubby, high bristle density brush which gives you perfect application of bronzer and works very well for highlighters, face powders and mineral makeup application.

It has synthetic bristles that deliver exceptional results – every time.

Loved by makeup professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike!'

It's just super cute (I love a bit of animal print) and its is very soft, it's also great at buffing powders or mineral foundation.
Next up is the Brush set which retails at £28 on HQ Hair, the set contains a Powder, Shadiw and Crease brush in a case. Here's what they say
'Explore your wild side with this Safari Chic brush set from Japonesque.

This is a perfect, take-everywhere 3-piece set featuring unique animal print bristles, A signature microfiber case holds the distinctive, ultra-plush brushes expertly designed for flawless makeup application.'

I have loved using the Powder brush but the Shadow and Crease brushes are quite big and I haven't really used them. For a crease brush I like the bristles to be denser and shorter, but this one seems too soft and long. I so far have just used the crease brush to use to apply a base colour over my eyes.
Overall I do think these would make a lovely gift and they have made a lovely addition to my makeup brushes. What do you think? Are you a Japonesque fan? What's your favourite brush or tool?
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Lauren Baker said...

Definitely the cutest brushes I've ever seen. xx

KatBeautyAddict said...

They certainly are Lauren x

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