Thursday, 21 February 2013

Marks and Spencer's SS13 Love...

I was having a general scroll around online yesterday during my lunch and I came across Marks and Spencer's SS13 range and couldn't get over how amazing it looked.  It's not really a brand that I even look at and really only go in with my mums but seriously I want it all! I actually tweeted a few pics yesterday.

Now when I'm looking for new purchases I really have to think about getting a few bits that I can work into both my casual and work wear wardrobe.  My work attire is strictly smart - none of this smart casual look (I would love to be able to get away with that).  So I've mixed my favorite bits into smart and casual looks.

Top to Bottom L-R: Floral Peplum Skirt £39.50, Bird Print Dress £35.00, Mystic Print Pencil Skirt £45.00, Mirror Print Blazer £49.50, Graphic Print Pencil Skirt (price not known) Floral Shirt £25.00

First off I would say that some of these are probably far too bright and colourful for my office, but worked in with some block covered pieces I think they would work brilliantly.  I'm in love with the three skirts and could see myself living in them in the summer - with a nice crisp white shirt!  The red dress is amazingly cute and even though it's probably not the usual office attire I might try this out on a client free day.  The jacket would go great with a little black dress and the shirt would be fab under one of my black dresses.  Also both the jacket and the shirt would work well with my casual gear!

Top to Bottom L-R: Tile Print Trousers £35.00, Dainty Print Shirt £35.00,  Denim Shirt £39.50,  Floral Print Trousers £17.50 

Love all of the above and want and need them in my wardrobe.  

The trousers are a bargain!

Top to Bottom L-R: Pale Pink Heels £25.00, Floral Box Clutch £29.50, Pink Satchel Bag £25.00, Floral Box Clutch £25.00, Blue Bowling Bag £35.00, Pastel Jewel Necklace £19.50

 Want them all!  Seriously how amazing is the selection.  The clutches are particularly gorgeous and not a bad price.  For £25.00 I want the Satchel but I couldn't find it up on the website just yet, but I'm going to stalk it.


Rebekah Wing. said...

those pieces are amazing! love the colours and textures :))
btw really nice blog you have here, dear. keepu p the amazing work!

xx Rebekah

Teresa Shepherd said...

I love the floral peplum skirt, but have not seen in store or online? Do you know if it is actually for sale yet?

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