Friday, 6 January 2012

Addicted to..........Pink Lip Gloss

Above we have Barry M Nude (free with Impulse), Missguided Nude (free with a magazine but I can't remember which), Jemma Kidd Petal, Benefit Life on the A list, Dior Lip Polish 002, MAC Cremesheen Just Superb, Gosh Intense Lip Colour 301, NYX Gloss (name/numbers rubbed off sorry), Illamasqua Sheer Gloss in Rousse.

Oops missed out my favourite as it was in the side pocket of my bag as I use it so much!

MAC lip gloss in Curvaceous

This is what I cart around with me on a daily basis. Yep nuts!

I hate being stuck with just one type of gloss on me and I'm far too dis-organised in the morning to sort out which one to take so I take them all - problem solved.


Love each of these.

They're all perfect for my everyday makeup and which one I use depends on how much or how little makeup I've used that day. All of them have a non-sticky/tacky f to them, however I don't think the consistency of the Jemma Kidd is as good as the others. Favourite of the bunch is the Barry M Nude and the Benefit Life on the A List. The Barry M one has a lovely caramel scent to it.

Pale Pinks

Without doubt my favourite of this lot is the Dior which has differently proved that sometimes it's worth splashing out for amazing quality. It's just gorgeous! Have to admit I'm disappointed with the MAC Cremesheen - loved it when I tried it on but it tends to get a bitty feeling on my lips after a few minutes of applying. Trying to stick with it as it's not cheap at around £11.00.

Intense Pinks - not as opaque as the rest

Not to keen on the shade of the NYX - I picked it up at the IMATS last year and I blame the poor lighting. It looked so much better there. The consistency great though and the colour is very pigmented, so will be trying more. The Illamasqua Sheer gloss is a lovely bubblegum pink that I love to wear in the summer and when I feeling in the mood to look a bit brighter, but hands down favourite here is the MAC gloss. It's gorgeous colour and perfect for everything. I wear it constantly at the moment and definitely need to pick up some spares.


LinasBeautyDiary said...

omg they're all so pretty!!! Thanks for following my blog :) Following back xx

Sharon said...

GAHHH that just gave me my lip gloss porn for the day :)

Victoria said...

love the shade of the mac lipglass. do need to start getting into lipglosses again, but i find them so annoying to wear in winter as the wind always blows my hair into them!

meaw said...

Ahhh seeing this makes me feel so much better! Im not much of a lipgloss girl myself, lipsticks are more my thing. I own a ridiculous amount and carry around my '6 essential' lipsticks on a daily basis. Madness! xxx

SilhouetteScreams said...

The Benefit, Jemma Kidd, Dior and Illamasqua all look particularly lovely. I shudder to think how many pink lipglosses I own!

LatBeautyAddict said...

Glad I'm not the only one who has a massive collection. Shamefully this is just whats in my handbag!


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