Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hair Care

L-R Aussie Hair Insurance leave in conditioner, Twisted Sista Different Strokes Serum, Moroccanoil, TRESemme Split Remedy Serum, Disney Tangled De-tangler spray

So I wanted to share with you the products I'm currently using on my hair, as they're all relatively recent purchases.

1. Aussie Leave in conditioner

Few quick squirts on damp hair and it leaves it silky soft all day. It has a lovely almost candy sweet scent to it which I quite like. I find my hair is just more manageable if I include this in my routine.

2. Twisted Sista Different Strokes Serum

I actually won this on Twitter just as my Tigi BedHead one ran out. One little pump does help with the Frizz, but I have to be very careful with how much I use. Go a little overboard and I end up greasy looking. I will use it up, but it's so not as good as my beloved BedHead Control Freak.

3. Moroccanoil

After reading countless reviews I knew my hair needed this! It's very dry and lacking in any type of moisture and this little gem helps bring some well needed hydration and shine to my hair. I rub a little on the ends of my heir when still wet and I a little more once dry. Do be careful if your hair has s tendency to go greasy quick, with just how much you use. Better to use a little at first and see how you get on.

4. TRESemme Split End Remedy

I'm not sure if this actually repairs any of my split ends but what I do know is that along with everything else I use it perks up the whole condition of my hair, in particular the ends so it must be doing something. Once again a little goes a long way!

5. Disney Tangled De-Tangled

Well this was actually purchased for my step-daughter who has terrible knotty hair. But as I'm a big kid I've ended up using it as well. It actually works really well as a de-tangler and also a leave in conditioner. It's great to use it the morning to stop me damaging my hair.

It seems as though I use a lot, but once I've applied these I don't use any other products on my hair. They all yelp fight the ongoing dryness battle


Girlie Blogger said...

Need to try that Aussie Leave-in Conditioner. I like Aussie products quite a bit.

Victoria said...

I've never seen the Aussie leave-in conditioner before, I need to check that out. I could really do with the de-tangler too!

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