Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Little Update

So as you've all probably noticed that's not been many posts over the last few months. It's not that either of us having wanted to post or that we've lost any inspiration etc, it's just that life has well and truly got in the way for us both.

First off I moved at the end of August! Now many of you would know that 12 months ago I moved back to North Wales and had actually been living with my mum and started looking for our own place. Well we've know got our new home. Its absolutely perfect but needed a lot of things doing and even after 6 weeks , there's still a few bits we need to do. But it's reached a point where it's only little things a d some rooms are completely finished. It's actually my plan to get a few images up over the weekend. Need a bit of daylight and it's now dark when I get home!
Now K's been having a whole different sort of housing nightmare! I'm not going to say much more as I'm not really sure how much she wants to put up on here as the issues not resolved just yet but looks like its now moving in the right direction.
Anyway we just wanted to apologise for the lack of posting and hopefully we can get back into a normal routine!
Thanks to everyone for sticking with us.
Lx and Kx

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