Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Paul & Joe

Quick lipstick post!
I recently ordered two Paul & Joe lipsticks from Asos - not tried anything the range before.
The one on the right is from the Paul & Joe Limited Edition Sahara Collection in 002 Sahara - its a deep pink shade and the one on the left is Mademoiselle from the normal range - its more of a coral pink with a slight shimmer.
I love the the Sahara, however I think its more of a winter shade for me (a bit weird given its from the spring/summer range but it just looks slightly dark for summer
than what I would usually got for). Although it looks quite light in the the picture above.

Now I'm not really sure about the Mademoiselle - it looks okay in the picture but its a bit too peachy on for my liking. Just really not convinced and I'm probably not going to use it much if at all. I think that's the problem with ordering on line - if I'd had seen it in a shop I would have instantly realised it wasn't for me.

Anybody else ever ordered something online, only to realise its so not right?


Becky said...

They look great! I want to try Paul & Joe products, I love their packaging.

Nic (WarPaintGuru) said...

The packaging on these is gogeous! i waaaant! x

BittersweetKindaNew said...

The packaging is amazing! and the lipsticks are so nice and moisturising.


Blushingloves said...

These look great!!

Ansa said...

The packaging on these is too cute.

victoria said...

OMG the packaging is TOO cute! Gotta love P & J...

Victoria S.
Associate Product Editor

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