Saturday, 18 September 2010

Frontcover Mermaid Dreams

I brought this a couple of months ago but never got around to swatching it and doing a review. I'm assuming most people are familiar with Frontcover products and if your not they can be picked in most Boots stores or purchased directly from Frontcover's website (although note that you are then sent through to They're not the cheapest palettes out there - roughly around £25.00 to £30.00 for the large palettes and around £8.00 for the smaller ones, but they are definitely worth a look. I picked mine up from Boots when it was on half-price for £12.50.

I think if you are familiar with Frontcover, most people have seen the Rainbow eyes - which is a fantastic mix of colours and types of eyeshadows - from iridescent to velvety pressed. Even though its is gorgeous, its just not for me. There are far too many colours that I just wouldn't wear, so for £30.00 it would be a complete waste of money. So anyway whilst having a look at what else Frontcover had, I stumbled upon Mermaid Dream - a gorgeous palettes of varying greens and blues, and mixes of gold and silver. Just absolutely perfect for me!
In total there is 20 eyeshadows - which are all iridescent, a brush and blender applicator and Frontcover's Shadowline included in the set.

Top two lines

Bottom two lines

The top lines were a bit harder to swatch, but I wanted to show you just how pigmented the colours were without primer. However I do use them with a primer.

Overall I love all the shades - however I have to admit that the Baked bronze will probably be the least used, as I don't tend to wear many bronze shades as eyeshadows. I never like the end result with my freckles, red hair and pale skin tone. The most used so far have been the plunge pool, glaze, sparkle, fern and comino - I find that they really compliment my skin tone perfectly.

Have to admit however that I've not really used the applicator, but that's mainly due to using my own brushes that I've had a while and like. Its not bad but I just prefer the end product with my own brushes.

Finally the set also has the Frontcover Shadowline included. This is gel type product that turns any eyeshadows into a eyeliner.

I've shown below the effect on one of the darker and lighter shades in the set.

I actually think this is a great idea. All you need to do is swirl the end in the shadow and off you go. Whats also great is after you've done you can stick it straight back into the tub and its ready to use next time with a different colour - no need to clean! When I'm applying I tend to give it a bit of a swirl on my hand, just to remove the excessive and then another swirl before I put it back - just once again to get rid of any excessive.

This can also be used to intensive any of the colours by making a paste with any of the eyeshadows on the back of your hand and then apply (you can see in the pictures above that its really does intensive the colours). I haven't tried it this way as I haven't really felt the need, as I feel that the colours are strong enough already but its an option.


Victoria India said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Victoria India said...

Ahh i have the rainbow eyes reborn one!
I find it's actually really good! xo

Anonymous said...

ahh i havent seen these in boots....think i have been spending to much time in superdrug...anyway i want the mermaid one...gorgeous colours!!!

LatBeautyAddict said...

@victoria india - they're really good aren't they!

@steph - they're in the larger Boots mainly I think. The Mermaid one is gorgeous!


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