Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Neal's Yard Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture

As usual over the summer, there was a lot of lovely freebies in magazines and one of the many that I picked up was the Neal's Yard Moisturiser, which I think was with Instyle.

I'd fancied trying some of their products anyway so this was the perfect chance.

from the website "Replenishes and protects DRY skin.

Nourishing neroli and antioxidant pomegranate oils intensely moisturise, soothe and protect dry skin in a light, easily absorbed lotion."

Also this had the perfect description for my skin. I suffer from quite bad dry skin on my nose (it always looks flaky), but I tend to break out with heavy creams, so its descriptions a light sounded great.

It doesn't disappoint either. It has a very light weight texture to it - almost serum like in a sense. It blends in easily and doesn't leave me at all greasy. If anything it really seems to matte my skin out without drying it. I usually go for cream moisturisers so having a lotion was a nice change.

Now I have said this before - I'm not the biggest fan of strong smelling products and this is definitely one of them, however I stuck with it. Also don't be fooled by the orange in the name, as its the 'orange flower', so its smells quite aromatic.

I've actually just finished the tub I got free and I'm very pleased with the results. My skin has been left lovely and smooth. The dry flaky skin has disappeared of my nose - which is amazing, especially given the temperature drop recently. Also I've not suffered any breakouts from it - which due to the natural oils within the products, I was a little scared of.

- really loved using the moisturiser, its seems to have really fitted in well with my new routine. Only down side for me is the price. You can purchase it from the website
, at either £22.00 for 100ml or £7.00 for the 25 ml (which is the same size as the freebie). I know that doesn't seem a terrible price for a moisturiser I've enjoyed using, but I think it just depends on how long the 100ml lasts me. Have to admit the 25ml went a long way.

Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a lightweight, non-greasy moisturiser for dry skin. It would be perfect for the cold winter months ahead.


Ms Bubu said...

I got this one too! It was in Red magazin. I love magazine freebies here!

I have oily skin though, so I will keep it either for when I go back to Canada (dry winter) or just give it to my mum!

Thanks for you review!


Marisa said...

I have oily skin so I don't think it would work for me, but I was always curious about the Neals Yard products (:

Stacey said...

fab post .... heard lots of good thinfs about Neals Yard products, may have to try the 25ml one as its only £7.00!

ShoppingAddict said...

Im a fan of this! Great post ;)

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